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Emergency Preparedness

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Living in Southern California comes with a certain number of risks. Earthquakes are the primary hazard for large-scale emergencies. However, fires, floods, power outages, hazardous material releases and supply shortages (water / power / food ) can all create specific problems. Being prepared for an emergency is everyone's responsibility.

A major earthquake is predicted to occur in Southern California in the next thirty years. Of course, we are all hopeful that the predictions are inaccurate! But what if the experts are right? What is most likely is a localized problem that impacts our every day routine and upsets the fragile balance of our lives. There are many actions we can take to reduce the disruptions to our lives and community. Consider:

  • Have you developed an emergency plan for your family and shared it with everyone involved?

  • Have you set aside enough food, water, and supplies to sustain yourself and you family for three to seven days?

  • Have you taken a few minutes and surveyed your home and workplace to ensure your surroundings are 'shake' resistant?

  • What is the status of the fire safety in your home and workplace?

  • Have you considered working with your neighbors to build a communication network and assembled a commitment among yourselves to check on each other, should something happen?

  • Have you learned the locations of your gas/electric/water shut offs and do you know how to operate the shut-offs?

    The objective of this program is to provide a basic foundation of emergency preparedness guidelines for Downey residents. It provides many concepts for all of us to consider as we prepare for emergencies that may severely impact our lives.

    Please remember: What we do to prepare for emergencies will determine what our lives are like afterward.....

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