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phone2At A Glance This list of important City of Downey numbers is meant to save you the time and frustration of searching through the phone book! This section is also dedicated to helping you stay in touch with organizations in your local community. It is a handy resource for you to utilize when you need to contact clubs and organization i.e. the Girl Scout Leader- the Soccer coach- the Rotary Club President - your church clergy.


Contact Phone Number Website Link
Animal Control
Downey Animal Control 562-803-3301  
City Government
City Clerk 562- 904-7280  
City Council 562- 904-7274  
City Manager 562- 904-7284  
Downey City Hall 562- 869-7331  
City Services
Dial-A-Ride 562-904-7215  
Downeylink 562-529-5465  
Graffiti Removal 562-923-4484  
Illegally Dumped Items 562-904-1161  
Keep Downey Beautiful 562-904-7159  
Maintenance Service 562-904-7195  
Neighborhood Watch 562 904-1895  
Renewal Line 562-869-5723  
Community Service
Building and Safety 562- 904-7142  
Economic Development 562-904-7152  
Housing/APNC 562-904-7167  
Inspection Request 562-904-7141  
Planning 562- 904-7154  
Southern California Edison 800-655-4555  
Farmers’ Market
Downey Farmers Market 562-904-7284 View Website
Fire Department
Downey Fire Department - 24 Hour Dispatch 562-904-7313  
The Gas Company 800-427-2200  
Law Enforcement
Downey Police Department- General Business 562- 861-0771  
Police-Emergency 911  
Downey Public Library 562-904-7360  
Licensing / Registration
Business License 562-904-7246  
Engineering/Permits 562-904-7110  
Parks and Recreation
Apollo 562-869-4738  
Crawford 562-928-9662  
Dennis the Menace 562-904-7127  
Furman 562-904-7129  
Golden 562-904-7132  
Independence 562-904-7130  
Rio San Gabriel 562-904-7124  
Tennis Center 562-803-4982  
Wilderness 562-904-7131  
In animals home pet care provider tailored to customers needs 562-904-3414 View Website
Real Estate
Your Real Estate Agent 562-244-3239  
Recycling 562-904-7103  
Downey Water 562-904-7246